6 Best Craigslist Alternatives in 2019


Today roughly 2/7th of the world uses Internet for everything, whether you want to buy a movie ticket, make reservation for your hotel, purchase any household products there are millions of websites offering services. Craigslist is one such site where you can buy used items at a lower price. Craigslist isn’t per-se an eCommerce site such as Amazon, where you could buy used items as well.

It is more of an classified-ad website, where users can post their advertisement for free and buyers can see the advertisements on the website. You can buy pretty much everything on Craigslist from Books to Furniture and if you’re in luck sometimes users post items for free, because they cannot move the items or sell due to time constraints.

Craigslist used to had personal sections known as Craigslist Personals where seeking dates or relationships can put advertisement. However, after Congress passed the bill in March 2018 Craigslist has removed the personal sections from their website.


eBay is one of the oldest websites in the world, It’s not an Classified Ad website but an auction eCommerce website. You can bid on an item a user has listed and if you win the bid, eBay will send you the product. Listings on eBay is free and limited and If you are listing something and you have to pay a little fees to eBay once the item is sold. It’s is different than most of the websites, eBay has a unique approach. The other section of eBay is “Buy Now” section where users can instantly buy the item shown on the website very similar to Amazon.


LetGo is yet another website where you can buy and sell stuff on their platform for free, You can purchase premium subscription if you are looking to get rid of the items you have posted so your advertisement is shown to wide range of audience and posted above organic results. LetGo is available in selected Countries such as USA, Canada and Norway. If you live outside the regions specified above, please look for other alternates below. LetGo plans to expand to many other countries we would update this article in case LetGo expands to other countries.


OLX is one of the largest Classified Ad website, it receives over 1 Billion visits per month from all over the world. Currently, OLX is available in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia and 35 other countries. However, If you are from USA or Europe this site isn’t available there, OLX is mainly available in Asian and African Countries. If you are looking for used items, OLX is the best choice as it has wide range of categories from Automobiles to Housing and you can actually get to see more advertisements since the website has a huge userbase.


Locanto is yet another great website similar to Craigslist. Locanto is available in more than 20 countries and Upon visiting, Select your location and State and on the Homepage you will see the list of ads, If you are looking for specific product you can navigate through the categories page on the website or either search using the search bar on the header. On Locanto, you can select ads based on miles, you can select additional miles. (eg: 5+ Miles extra) so it will show you ads from neighboring counties as well

In Addition Locanto also has dating section, If you are looking for Dating. However, some users have reported that there are fake users on Locanto and you might end up losing money. Be careful on Dating sites, If a user asks you for money just move on.


Geebo is a free-classified ads website, where anyone can post if they are looking for something, Geebo is available only in the United States so if your region is outside the US this website doesn’t help you much. You can select your city and search using the categories. When you select your State/City, Geebo automatically shows you ads available in your area. You can find pretty much everything on Geebo from Mobiles to cars to Apartments.


GumTree is yet another classified ad website like Craigslist. You can buy and sell pretty much everything on GumTree. Register on GumTree and post an ad or select your location and search for items you’re looking for. GumTree is available in many countries. Logon to the website and check if your country is listed, if it’s not listed move on to other sites.

Note : Scammers and Scams on Classified Ad Websites

Obviously when there are millions of advertisements getting posted on these websites everyday, these sites help users but there is a negative thing about everything. Scams on Classified Ad websites are common, you must have came across many scams. But, here are some of the famous scams to watch out and safety tips.

Money : As soon as you post your advertisement, scammers start texting or calling you on your number showing interest on your ad. They then tells you they want to buy the product and since he/she is outside your city, they would then send a courier-person to pick it up and asks you to pay the courier guy online, be aware it’s a scam. Never send anyone money online.

Place : Meet the person at a safe place such as nearby the super mart or a coffee shop, if possible take any acquaintance or friend with you for your own safety.



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